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About Esque Construct

At Esque Construct Limited, we are determined to deliver high quality construction and cost-effective designs.  Since inception, the company has been delivering structural designs, high quality construction and professional project management. The company has worked hard to be known for quick delivery of projects and client’s satisfaction. Our clients range from conglomerates to private individuals. Either you are building a private residential apartment, foundation works, steel fabrication or a high-rise building; trust us to give you an unparalleled service either in design or actual construction.

Our greatest assets are our dedicated staffs equipped with proper training to meet each client’s needs. The company invest on her employee in areas of Quality training, Safety training, seminars, and workshops.

Our Vision, Mission And Values

  • To consistently provide standard project and design service deliveries with equal satisfaction t all stakeholders
  • Become a leading project and design service provider with optimum integration of project leadership and management
  • To facilitate the realization of our vision through developing our people, processes and ensuring timeliness of services with detailed perfection
  • To achieve excellent and client friendly environment on all projects and adequately manage projects till completion
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
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Our Guiding Principles

A prominent feature that however characterizes our modus, techniques and thus our philosophy is an impeccable esteem for Clients’ i.e., Clientele needs on …Time, Cost and Quality.


Early commencements and Certainty of completion date.


Certainty of cost estimates, Value for money, Accountability, Reduction of risk in general, Realistic maintenance and running costs.


Purpose fit, Reliability and durability, Innovation, and excellence.

Health And Safety

Everyone has the right to go home safely to their families, friends and loved ones, every day. We remain committed to the health and safety of our people, our subcontractors, and all of those who interact with our places.


Esque Construct has a proud history of giving emphasis to environmental, social and economic outcomes of each project. We know how important it is for us to continue to evolve our approach, to keep pace with global trends and integrate this thinking into our client strategy.

24/7 Hours Support

We adopt a collaborative approach to our relationships by delivering high quality design and construction services with a super touch of support services before project kickoff, during and after completion of projects. Regardless of the phase of the project we handle, we care about the overall success of our client's project.

Public policy

We engage with policy-makers, regulators, opinion formers and all levels of government to make sure our clients project are executed to meet relevant standards, policies and top opinions to not only ensure it completion but it's sustainability, too.


Our pillars of value which is a reflection of our organization's strong leadership system enhance our ability to originate, design, build, deliver and manage minor and major projects regardless of it source, residential, commercial or government.

Long-term cooperation and development


Esque Construct Limited, an Engineering and construction firm takes responsibility of all project phases according to the project/contract scope and to client’s specification. Our team of young professionals, skilled and semi – skilled labours, has substantial amount of experience in all phases of project management, design, and construction.



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We’re Hiring

We offer learning and career development to ensure our people realize their potential, think like leaders and take responsibility for building their own careers.

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